Bringing Water to Vulnerable Households
Using Hippo Rollers

Kirkmans Kamp, Tengile and Ngala Lodges
South Africa
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Hippos Bring Water to Households

Did you know that 319 million people in sub-Saharan Africa still do not have access to a hygienic water point? Approx. 3 million children and 14 million women walk more than 30 minutes daily to collect water.

While close to 90% of households in South Africa can access piped water, almost half of these do not have water running directly into their homes. In Mpumalanga Province 12.6% of the population have no access at all to piped water and 13.2% travel further than 200 metres to reach a communal tap.

The South Africa Water Services Act prescribes 25 litres per person per day as the minimum basic water supply. Carried in a bucket on the head this equates to 6 trips for the average rural household.

A Hippo Roller transports 90 L of water with no requirement for carrying.
The handle of the roller enables the robust barrel to be pushed or pulled over even the roughest rural terrain.
The benefits are immense. Transporting five times the volume of water in one journey results in more time for education, economic prosperity and improved health.

With two mechanisms for pouring water from the barrel, the Hippo Roller is not only practical for decanting water for cooking and cleaning, it is also a cost-effective tool for irrigation on small farms – improving crop production and increasing income potential. The lid has a tight seal which keeps the stored water free of contaminants.

1 Hippo Roller costs R2,800 and lasts 5 – 7 years. But nothing is wasted in Africa, and after its life rolling water, other functions are found for it:

Our goal is to provide 500 identified households in Mpumalanga with a Hippo Roller by March 2020. Any size of contribution is gratefully received towards this target.

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