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Our Answers to your FAQ’s:

How can I donate?

Africa Foundation is registered in South Africa, United Kingdom and the USA. Donations can be received through any of these entities depending on where you live. Each entity receives donations directly into their bank accounts, or via online donation portals.

andBeyond guests can donate directly at the respective lodges.

What happens to my donation?

Donations can be made towards specific projects or general focus areas. Admin costs are covered by andBeyond and not taken from individual donations. Donors are kept informed on the progress of particular projects that they donated to and provided with a completion report.

Can I volunteer with Africa Foundation?

Our focus is on facilitating rural communities to achieve their goals, this includes, wherever possible, employing local, purchasing local and providing training opportunities for local people. As such we don’t accommodate volunteering from people outside of our communities.

Can I visit a school?

Africa Foundation in partnership with andBeyond, can arrange visits to communities in which we are active. These visits provide an opportunity to experience community life and learn about Africa Foundation and the projects it supports. For an optimal experience, community trips are limited to week days and school term times. 

What items can I donate for schools and clinics?

Africa Foundation does not facilitate or encourage physical donations to communities as the ultimate aim of our support is self-sufficiency, and meeting community identified priorities. By donating money to our projects, or supporting community business initiatives, you help to create the infrastructure for sustainable development.

Can I apply for the CLEF Bursary Fund?

The bursary fund is only available to students living in the communities in which Africa Foundation is active. Your local high school, or community leadership structure can help you with information and applications. You can also contact us directly.