“Conservation of land and conservation of people frequently go hand in hand.” 
Eleanor Roosevelt.

Africa Foundation was founded in 1992, with the vision to uplift, up-skill and empower identified rural communities living close to core conservation areas where our partner andBeyond has a presence.

We are active in 73 communities across South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Botswana and Namibia.

We believe that by empowering communities to develop in ways that secure their future welfare, we can contribute to the conservation of Africa’s spectacular natural environment and wildlife.

Africa Foundation builds long term relationships with communities and facilitates the delivery of projects that they identify. Working in collaboration with community members, government and other stakeholders, we ensure that the appropriate structures are in place to guarantee the long-term sustainability of the projects developed.

Community-Led Development

Our Sustainable Development Model

With a passion for empowering and uplifting people, we combine community driven projects with a sound business approach to ensure that every cent donated is well spent.

We work in complete partnership with communities, governments and other non-profit organisations. We are led by the needs of the communities, informed by the plans of Government. Through our projects we equip local leaders with the tools, training and resources to manage their own development and empower their communities.

Africa Foundation owes its success to long-term relationships with the communities in which it works.

We believe that being fully embedded in a community is the only way to understand the struggles, needs, skills, resources and solutions for that community. Through a long term presence in the community trust is built and the dialogue between stakeholders is enriched.

The Project Life Cycle

  • Projects are surfaced through multiple in depth community meetings, with various stakeholders.
  • When projects are identified, the discussion leads to an understanding of what options are available for support, which other stakeholders are involved and the projects are then prioritised for assistance through Africa Foundation.
  • Prioritised projects go into fundraising.
  • When fully funded, a project committee of relevant community members and stakeholders is established to manage the implementation of the project. Africa Foundation is one member of this committee.
  • The project committee source contractors and other necessary service providers – looking first within their own community to support the local economy.
  • Donors are provided with updates as the project progresses and a financial report when it is closed.
  • The project is formally ‘handed over’ in an official ceremony, from Africa Foundation to the relevant community / Government institution for ongoing running and maintenance.
  • Africa Foundation remain connected to the project, to track its impact and assist when required with any issues arising.

Africa Foundation Team

A key goal of Africa Foundation is to have regional team members who are from one of the communities in which we are active. By being embedded in the community, Africa Foundation is in a better position to understand the communities issues, needs and priorities. Being permanently located within the area also helps to build trust and assurance of Africa Foundation’s long term commitment to facilitating development and conservation.

Currently Africa Foundation has 12 staff members located in the regions where projects are implemented, along with support staff who are based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Africa Foundation also benefits from the skills and expertise of andBeyond team members, who enable Africa Foundation to maintain the highest standards of delivery and compliance, while managing our cost base.

Africa Foundation is guided by a Board of 7 Trustees, from South Africa, UK and USA.

Our Collaboration with andBeyond

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.”- African Proverb

Africa Foundation is an independent tax-exempt non-profit organisation registered in South Africa, with partner non-profit organisations in UK and USA.

Our model involves working in collaboration with andBeyond, luxury experiential travel company, following their footprint in Africa. We collaborate because our goals are aligned – to protect land and wildlife and support the development of rural communities – and because together we can go further.

Our collaboration uses the strengths and expertise held within Africa Foundation and andBeyond, for greatest impact. andBeyond provide tangible support such as office space and facilities, as well as access to their legal, HR and marketing teams. In addition their donation funds Africa Foundations other core overhead costs – so that donor money can be applied to maximum effect in the communities.

It is within the focus area of conservation that collaboration of the two entities is most prominent. andBeyond and Africa Foundation work together on the design and implementation of the Environmental Education Programme, Conservation Training Course and Oceans Without Borders initiatives.