Kibembe Pre-School
Classrooms and Ablutions

Mnemba Island Lodge, Zanzibar
$36,815 Pledged of




Pre-School becomes Mandatory
But no Classrooms are available

Recently the Government of Tanzania made it mandatory for all Government Primary Schools to offer one year of pre-school education, and in areas where it was far for children this young to travel, satellite pre-schools were to be established so that all children had access to pre-schooling.
Kijini School established a pre-school, this was too far for the children coming from Kimembe Village. The Village Chairman rallied support to build an open shaded area for these children to use as a pre-school. The school now runs from 08:00h – 12:00 each day, and during that time the children also receive porridge which is cooked in the open. The creche is run by two trained teachers who are paid by the Government. There are 57 children registered to attend however due to the poor conditions of the facility, roughly only half of these children attend regularly, and when it is raining, school is cancelled. 
Africa Foundation wishes to support Kimembe through the construction of 2 classrooms with a small office in between, and ablution facilities, furniture and playground. This will dramatically improve the quality of education that the teachers will be able to provide, as well as the level of attendance.