Phinda Conservation Training

A six month intensive training programme at and Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve, for individuals in the five neighbouring communities in which Africa Foundation is active. 

The goal of this course is to empower local people with the tools and experience required to pursue careers in wildlife, conservation management and tourism, while also developing and cultivating the future custodians of the wildlife and wild areas.

Phinda has a long standing, comprehensive conservation, research, and monitoring program. In partnership with Africa Foundation, the conservation and research skills development programme Phinda aims to use their experiences and resources to make a substantial training course accessible to enthusiastic naturalists and conservationists from the surrounding communities. These communities are critical for effective conservation in the long-term, and are areas burdened with high unemployment rates and limited job opportunities.


The course is divided into four modules:

  1. Land Management
  2. Research and Monitoring
  3. Wildlife Management
  4. Field Guiding / tourism

Certificates will be issued for all courses, and learners will also have the opportunity to obtain an accredited FGASA Level 1 qualification (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa).

Focusing on people who have experience, training or an obvious passion in the areas of wildlife / environment / conservation, this is an opportunity for 5 promising individuals per year.

In line with our ethos, we are selecting candidates from the Mduku, Mnqobokasi, Nibela, KwaNgwenya or KwaJobe communities in which we work. To support the need for youth employment opportunities, the course targets those who are unemployed and between 20-30 years of age.

Sponsor the next Conservationist

Supporting unemployed young adults to access the Phinda Conservation Programme is a way to improve their employment opportunities and the possibility of income generation which benefits their whole family, while improving conservation knowledge and understanding.