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During 25 years of operation, Africa Foundation has achieved the following:

  • Provided water access to over 56 000 people through water tanks, pumps, boreholes and dams, offering vast improvements to general health, education attendance and women empowerment.
  • Provided 4 174 Hippo Water Rollers, moving 2 million litres of water per month, and alleviating the daily struggle of women and children by indirectly saving time for women and improving educational attendance.
  • Assisted in the development of 30 food gardens and 6 commercial farms in order to promote food security and nutrition; and to stimulate household incomes.
  • Constructed more than 200 classrooms at schools and pre-schools, as well as other infrastructure such as teachers’ accommodation and office administration facilities – ultimately allowing children a better chance at an effective education.
  • Built and equipped 3 media centres, improving academic facilities for thousands of children and young students.
  • Increased environmental awareness among school children and teachers through conservation lessons for over 500 teachers and 7 000 children, thereby promoting the tangible and intangible benefits of conserving their precious resources and preventing animal poaching.
  • Introduced and managed a scholarship programme that has granted scholarships to over 470 aspirant community leaders, to give them a better chance at a successful future in the career of their choice, while giving back to their communities.
  • Built 2 and supported 5 clinics, enabling thousands of patient’s access to general healthcare, HIV treatment and home-based support.
  • Construction of 145 EnviroLoos (permanent, waterless, sanitary and environmentally-friendly toilets) and installing more than 200 water tanks at schools and community-based institutions; ensuring proper sanitation and hygiene are afforded to all people as a basic human right.
  • Provided accredited computer training to hundreds of community members in a Digital Eco-Village in order to give access to adequate technology within communities.
  • Supported 10 centres for home-based care volunteers who provide services to orphaned and vulnerable children and elderly community members.
  • Facilitated the installation of electricity at schools and community-based institutions so that better and more efficient healthcare and education can be afforded to underprivileged community members.