Why Healthcare?

Many rural communities do not have easy access to hospitals and local healthcare facilities, which has a detrimental impact on the wellbeing of these communities. Africa Foundation works with communities and municipalities to increase access to a range of medical services.

This includes building clinics and accommodation for healthcare workers; facilitating community-based care initiatives; and developing boreholes and dams for safe drinking water.

Access to safe sanitation facilities also remains a major problem in poor rural communities. Africa Foundation provide ablutions or Enviroloos – hygienic but waterless ablutions – to schools, clinics and other community facilities.

Clinics and Accommodation for Healthcare Workers

Access to healthcare is one of the primary concerns of every community in which we work. Rural African communities are heavily disadvantaged when it comes to affordable and accessible quality healthcare.

Africa Foundation works with communities and the relevant Department of Health to facilitate the construction or improvement of rural clinic facilities. In addition, through construction of accommodation at the clinic site, Africa Foundation assists in the allocation and retention of medical staff in these rural areas.

Improving Access to Clean Water

Did you know that 319 million people in sub-Saharan Africa still do not have access to a hygienic water point? Approx. 3 million children and 14 million women walk more than 30 minutes daily to collect water.

Africa Foundation works with communities to find the best solutions to improve access to water. Creating water dams, installing boreholes and rainwater collection systems, and establishing community water kiosks.

Facilitating Community Based Care Services

Community Home Based Care centres arose, particularly in South Africa, as a community level response to the void in services to assist and support people infected and affected by the HIV / AIDS epidemic. In many rural areas clinic facilities are scarce and under-resourced, and have come to rely on the Home-Based-Care system to provide follow up support and care to many of their chronically ill patients as well as those affected by HIV. The centres also provide critical support to orphaned and vulnerable children, creating a safe place for them to visit after school, receive a meal and assistance with homework.

Africa Foundation supports the Community Based Care system with infrastructure to enable the provision of services.

Reducing the Burden of Carrying Water

Households without a direct water source are reliant on communal taps. The burden of collecting water falls primarily to women and children. 25 litre buckets often used, carried on the head. This causes premature ageing of the spine and demands multiple daily collections to supply the household. It compromises a child’s access to education and reduces productivity of women.

Africa Foundation is reducing the burden through Hippo Rollers.

A Hippo Roller transports 90 L of water with no requirement for carrying. The handle of the roller enables the robust barrel to be pushed or pulled over even the roughest rural terrain. The lid allows the barrel to be used for irrigation of farm land.

To date Africa Foundation have distributed 4,764 hippo rollers to rural households in South Africa, Mozambique and Tanzania.

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