Africa Foundation – Enabling Conservation

Working in partnership with andBeyond luxury safari company, a number of critical conservation initiatives have been developed, for immediate action against key conservation issues, and to lay the foundations for long term, sustainable conservation activities through environmentally conscious communities.

Environmental Education Programme

Environmental and Conservation lessons for school children and their teachers bring key messages to life in the classroom, community and local conservation area.

Oceans Without Borders

Africa Foundation has collaborated with andBeyond in a 2,000km marine conservation project that aims to bring positive change to andBeyond’s marine footprint (Mnemba, Benguerra, Vamizi Islands and Phinda Private Game Reserve) by applying a proven care-trilogy to the ocean, marine wildlife, and coastal communities.

Phinda Conservation Course

By empowering people with the tools and experience to pursue careers in wildlife, conservation management and tourism in job scarce areas, we hope to cultivate future custodians of wildlife and wild areas.

Rhinos Without Borders

Since 2008, close to 8000 rhinos have been poached in South Africa. Rhinos Without Borders is a joint initiative leading conservation tourism companies andBeyond and Great Plains Conservation, along with Africa Foundation. The project aims to translocate rhino from high-risk poaching areas in South Africa to the comparative safety of Botswana.


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