Rural Business Development

By providing business mentorship and development, Africa Foundation supports sustainable income generation for people living in rural communities.

Craft Markets

Creating and selling crafts and jewellery for tourists visiting nearby conservation areas, is a popular income generating opportunity for people living in rural communities. Despite skill and determination however, often the crafters have limited success in achieving consistent sales and a sustainable income.

Africa Foundation supports crafters to develop not only their product quality and range but also their financial and business literacy and facilitate infrastructure development to attract a variety of customers.


Improving productivity and access to markets for local farmers

Agriculture is the basis of the livelihood of most rural families. However due to lack of equipment, expertise and access to markets, production rates and profits are sub-optimal for many farmers. Africa Foundation supports smallholder farms with improved access to water and irrigation, farming equipment, shading infrastructure and linkages to potential buyers.

In doing so Africa Foundation is improving the farmers income and capacity to employ others as their production increases.

Business Mentorship

Increasing business skills and employability for local entrepreneurs

Our local contractor programme provides tailored mentorship for artisans working in rural communities. After a needs assessment training and experience opportunities are provided, including access to skills certifications. In addition contractors are assisted with their business compliance documentation.

Through this programme contractors are upskilled and able to secure more work, and work of higher value. They also create jobs as their business expands.

Donate to a business development programme

Supporting a rural entrepeneurs enables income generation and sustainable community development.

Read about our Business Development Initiatives:

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