About CLEF

The Community Leaders Education Fund (CLEF) provides bursaries along with psycho-social support to rural youth from South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania and Kenya.

The CLEF bursary was born out of recognition by Community Leaders, that to truly break the cycle of poverty in rural Africa, the youth had to access tertiary level education in order to gain the skills to increase their employability.

Since 1996 the fund has granted over 800 bursaries to over 500 students, changing not only their lives, but the lives of their immediate and wider family, through the ripple effect felt by income generation within a family.

CLEF benefits from a number of graduates who have become ambassadors for tertiary level education in their communities – returning to their old High Schools to motivate youth to apply for college/university and CLEF. The ambassadors also play a mentorship role with the current CLEF students to support them through the challenges of university life.

Meet CLEF Graduate Themba, and his Gogo

Meet Bursary Students Pleasure and Admire

CLEF in 2020: 100 Bursaries.

100 feet on the ladder to success.

2020 sees Africa Foundation grant its largest number of bursaries to date, with 100 students, spanning 5 countries enrolled onto the programme. Each student will receive funding and psycho-social support, assisting them in settling into university life, overcoming the many hurdles all students face, and reducing financial worries so that the student can focus on their studies.

73 of the students receiving bursaries this year are newly enrolled onto the programme. The other 27 were supported last year and CLEF are thrilled to continue to walk this journey with them as they proceed into the next year of their course. 46 of the recipients are female.

Student Breakdown:

  • 36 from South Africa
  • 4 from Botswana
  • 6 from Namibia
  • 44 from Tanzania
  • 10 from Kenya


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